On this page you can find my home DX logs, remote connection DX logs, and travel logs.

Main (home) DX Logs

My home DX logs, linked below, date back to 1999. The majority of signals included in my DX Logs have been received at home. Since 1999, I have lived in three different homes all within 1.2 miles of each other in the same town, so I have kept adding to the same log throughout.  However, I consider any station received within 30 miles of my home (via car radio or at an alternate location) eligible to be added to my log. Reported mileages are accurate regardless of logging location, and signals that were logged away from my home are noted accordingly in the log. The main DX logs are updated regularly as new DX is received, typically during the warmer months. Click on a link below to view my DX logs. The radio pages have HD Radio and RDS screenshots added where received. The TV page has TV screenshots added where received.

My main FM logs are available as downloadable PDF files.  I also have HD Radio & RDS screenshots (FM & AM) and TV screenshots that correspond to each log which are also linked below.

DX Log (click to download PDF)
Updated Screenshot Galleries (click to view)
Woodbridge, VA FM DX Log (PDF) 7/21/2022 FM HD Radio/RDS Screenshots (HTML)
Woodbridge, VA AM DX Log (PDF) 12/17/2019 AM HD Radio Screenshots (HTML)
Woodbridge, VA TV DX Log (PDF) 9/28/2019 Analog & Digital TV Screenshots Gallery (HTML)

Remote DX Logs

Technology now allows one to DX a radio band on the other side of the world in real time.  Although I am located in Virginia, I can DX the Houston, TX radio dial 24/7/365 via a remote connection.  I plan on regularly updating my existing travel log from Houston with new signals from this remote connection.  You can view my Houston DX log in PDF format, and the HTML log with HD Radio and RDS screenshots, by clicking on the links below.

DX Log (click to download PDF)
Updated Screenshot Galleries (click to view)
Houston, TX FM DX Log (PDF) 7/5/2020 FM HD Radio/RDS Screenshots (HTML)
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