DX Logs

On this page you can find my master (home) DX logs and travel logs.

Main (home) DX Logs

My master DX logs, linked below, date back to 1999.  Click on the link in the ‘Link’ column to either download, or view, the respective DX log.  You can view FM RDS and HD Radio screenshots from stations logged below by clicking here.  You can see corresponding TV reception screenshots from stations logged below by clicking here.

The majority of signals included in my DX Logs have been received at home.  However, I consider any station received within 30 miles of my home (via car radio or at an alternate location) eligible to be added to my log.  Reported mileages are accurate regardless of logging location, and signals that were logged away from my home are noted accordingly in the log.  The main DX logs are updated regularly as new DX is received, typically during the warmer months.

Last Updated Log Type Download Link
7/20/18 Main home FM DX Log (Woodbridge, VA) Download (Excel)
7/11/18 Main home TV DX Log (Woodbridge, VA) Download (Excel)
1/20/19 Main home AM DX Log (Woodbridge, VA) Download (Excel)

Travel DX Logs

As a DXer, traveling is a fun way to see and hear what the radio dial is like in other areas. Whenever possible, I like to create new DX logs while I am away from home. View my various DX logs from my travels below. RDS and HD Radio screenshots are added to the logs below when received.

Last Updated City (click on link)
12/31/18 Woodstock, VA Log started 11/19/00
10/28/18 Green Bay, WI
10/28/18 Minneapolis, MN
10/28/18 Grand Rapids, MI
10/28/18 Madison, WI Log started 5/30/16
10/28/18 Chicago, IL Log started 5/30/16
8/24/18 Kansas City, MO
8/24/18 Wichita, KS
8/24/18 Omaha, NE
6/30/18 Manchester, NH
6/30/18 Hartford, CT Log started 9/23/16
6/30/18 Brattleboro, VT
6/29/18 Raleigh, NC Log started 5/16/15
6/28/18 Myrtle Beach, SC Log started 6/26/12
6/26/18 Providence, RI Includes Sporadic E reception
6/25/18 New York, NY Includes Sporadic E reception; Log started 4/15/15
4/27/18 Pittsburgh, PA Log started 8/19/16
4/27/18 Columbus, OH
4/27/18 Cincinnati, OH
4/27/18 Charleston, WV
4/27/18 Harrisonburg, VA
11/21/17 Las Vegas, NV Log started 4/1/13
11/21/17 St. George, UT
11/21/17 Phoenix, AZ
11/21/17 Tucson, AZ
11/21/17 Flagstaff, AZ
11/21/17 Grand Canyon, AZ
11/21/17 Baltimore, MD Log started 5/10/14
9/14/17 Philadelphia, PA Log started 4/18/14
9/14/17 Atlantic City, NJ
9/23/16 Boston, MA
9/23/16 Portland, ME
9/23/16 Albany, NY
8/22/16 Cleveland, OH
8/22/16 Hagerstown, MD Log started 1/16/16
6/13/16 Richmond, VA Log started 6/23/12
5/30/16 Milwaukee, WI
5/30/16 Davenport, IA
5/30/16 Springfield, IL
5/30/16 St. Louis, MO
5/30/16 Indianapolis, IN
4/23/16 Atlanta, GA
4/23/16 Birmingham, AL
4/23/16 Huntsville, AL
4/23/16 Nashville, TN
4/23/16 Chattanooga, TN
2/21/16 Roanoke, VA
2/21/16 Lynchburg, VA
2/21/16 Charlottesville, VA
8/16/15 Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA Log started 5/9/99
6/21/15 Tampa, FL Log started 3/28/99
6/21/15 Vero Beach, FL
6/21/15 Miami, FL
6/21/15 Ft. Myers, FL
4/18/15 Houston, TX
4/18/15 Kerrville, TX
4/18/15 Thackerville, OK
4/18/15 San Antonio, TX
4/18/15 Austin, TX
4/18/15 Waco, TX
4/18/15 Dallas, TX
8/24/14 Denver, CO
8/24/14 Cheyenne, WY
8/24/14 Los Angeles, CA
6/8/14 Luray, VA
3/11/05 Tyler, TX