I live in Woodbridge, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC, the capital of The United States of America.  Most of my local and semi-local FM signals come from Washington (17 miles away), Fredericksburg, VA (27 miles), and Baltimore, MD (56 miles).  Most tropo-enhanced FM signals come from Richmond, VA (78 miles), Salisbury, MD (90 mi), Norfolk, VA (139 miles), and Philadelphia, PA (144 miles).  Tropo ducts to the south bring signals in from Raleigh, NC (214 miles) and coastal North Carolina a handful of times each year.  Signals to the northeast can be received once every so often from New York, NY (225 miles) and into Connecticut, Rhode Island, and the easternmost parts of Massachusetts, upward to 400 miles away in that direction.  TV reception is very similar to FM here, albeit with slightly shorter distances after the 2009 DTV digital transition.

AM Radio reception during the day is largely limited to signals within 60 miles away, largely only from Washington and Baltimore.  Nighttime skywave reception brings in signals from up to 1000 miles on good nights, mostly from Ontario, Canada and Boston to the north, Chicago to the northwest, St. Louis to the west, and Atlanta to the southwest.

Mountains 60 miles to the west, and ocean 116 miles to the east, greatly limit my effective tropo range to the point where I only get tropo-enhanced signals from the east and south beyond these distances; the sheer majority coming from the south and southeast.  Sporadic E reception, thankfully, easily bounces over the mountains and I can get westward signals that way.

I consider all signals received within 30 miles from my home (anything received within the circle in the map to the left) to be eligible to be added to my DX Log.

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