All-time radio signal distance record achieved: 600 CJWW logged at 1690 miles

While sitting in my car in a parking lot in Springfield, VA on November 26, I heard country music on 600 AM.  It was unusual, as the frequency is usually either gospel WCAO from nearby Baltimore, MD, or Radio Rebelde from Cuba.  The country signal was very weak, but it faded in right at the right moment.  I heard an ID: “Country 600,” and mentions of “CIWW”  I thought it was, at first, CIWW from Ottawa and that it moved from its previously-logged frequency of 1310.  Upon researching the signal after I got home, I realized I heard “CJWW” instead of CIWW and that the station was, in fact, broadcasting from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan of all places–1690 miles away from my location in Northern Virginia.

CJWW is my new my all-time radio reception signal distance record, unseating 94.1 KZOR Hobbs, NM, which I logged on 7/7/2006 at 1505 miles.  Unfortunately, I was not recording audio during my reception of CJWW.  A similar phenomenon happened during KZOR’s reception–I was recording directly to audio CD at the time, but the CD failed to burn properly, rendering my recording of KZOR permanently ruined, resulting with me having no proof of its reception.  Murphy’s Law strikes again.

Long-range AM reception is rare, from my experience.  The AM stations I usually receive at my home are 600 miles away or closer, with a few outliers such as 1200 WOAI San Antonio, TX, an occasional visitor to Virginia at 1346 miles away.  I think that the time zone difference had something to do with my reception of CJWW, as it was only 5:26 PM local time when I picked them up.  CJWW was likely still on its daytime signal pattern of 25 KW, versus its 8 KW nighttime array.

My AM DX Log has been updated with my logging of CJWW.

Recent AM DX: 32 new AM logs

Although FM DXing has quieted down for the year with the rush of cool air to the mid-Atlantic region of the United States, the opposite is happening to the AM dial.  AM DX is heading toward its annual peak, and with that comes with scores of new AM logs heard at all times of the day.  In recent weeks, I have received 32 new AM logs from the following stations–one of them my first-ever log on 1490 AM.

My AM DX Log has been updated with these new logs:

  • 570 WKBN Youngstown, OH, 11/13/2019 8:48 PM, “News Radio 570” – news, 239 miles
  • 590 WMBS Uniontown, PA, 11/19/2019 1:49 AM, nostalgia, 156 miles
  • 610 WTVN Columbus, OH, 11/19/2019 2:07 AM, “News Radio 610 WTVN” – news, 317 miles
  • 670 WLUI Lewistown, PA, 11/23/2019 4:25 PM, “92.9 and 670 The Big Lewie” – oldies, 122 miles
  • 680 WKAZ Charleston, WV, 11/17/2019 4:43 PM, 232 miles
  • 800 WNNW Lawrence, MA, 11/17/2019 2:43 AM, spanish, 244 miles
  • 800 WSVS Crewe, VA, 11/22/2019 8:35 AM, “Pure Country WSVS” – country, 111 miles
  • 870 WPWT Colonial Heights, TN, 11/19/2019 1:52 AM, “96.3 The Possum” – country, 322 miles
  • 910 WLAT New Britain, CT, 11/23/2019 5:44 PM, spanish, 312 miles
  • 940 WKYK Burnsville, NC, 11/19/2019 1:54 AM, “Country 940 WKYK’ – country, 333
  • 960 WELI New Haven, CT, 11/10/2019 6:23 PM, “960 WELI” – news, 296 miles
  • 990 WNTY Southington, CT, 11/17/2019 4:46 PM, “Kool 990” – oldies, 307 miles
  • 1060 WQOM Natic, MA, 11/17/2019 3:09 AM, religious, 395 miles
  • 1090 WENR Englewood, TN, 11/23/2019 5:50 PM, “Mighty 1090 WENR” – gospel, 458 miles
  • 1150 WBAG Burlington-Graham, NC, 11/19/2019 7:41 PM, 212 miles
  • 1160 WCCS Homer City, PA, 11/10/2019 6:42 AM, “WCCS AM 1160 & 101.1 FM” – talk, groundwave, 166 miles
  • 1250 WARE Ware, MA, 11/17/2019 2:53 AM, “Classic Hits 97.7” – classic hits, 191 miles
  • 1260 C??? Media Luna, Cuba, 11/23/2019 5:53 PM, “Radio Progreso” – spanish
  • 1290 WFBG Altoona, PA, 11/21/2019 8:32 AM, “Big 1290” – talk, 137 miles
  • 1330 WBTM Danville, VA, 11/21/2019 8:44 AM, “105-7 Coastal Country” – country, 184 miles
  • 1350 WOYK York, PA, 11/23/2019 4:30 PM, “Sports Radio 98.9 & WOYK 1350” – sports, 79 miles
  • 1380 WKDM New York, NY, 11/22/2019 2:02 AM, asian, 226 miles
  • 1390 WFBL Syracuse, NY, 11/13/2019 12:26 AM, “94.1, 95.3, 103.9 The Dinosaur” – classic hits, 315 miles
  • 1400 WAVQ Jacksonville, NC, 11/22/2019 2:13 AM, classic hits, 269 miles
  • 1410 WNER Watertown, NY, 11/17/2019 2:58 AM, “FOX Sports Radio” – sports, 371 miles
  • 1430 WTNA Altoona, PA, 11/17/2019 3:01 AM, “Toona 1430” – oldies, 140 miles
  • 1440 WAJR Morgantown, WV, 11/21/2019 8:36 AM, “104.5 and 1440 WAJR” – news, 162 miles
  • 1490 WARK Hagerstown, MD, 11/17/2019 5:47 PM, “98.9 FM & AM 1490 WARK” – talk, 70 miles
  • 1610 CHRN Montreal, QC, 11/22/2019 2:20 AM, ethnic, 503 miles
  • 1620 C??? Cuba, 11/23/2019 5:56 PM, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish
  • 1660 W??? Chantilly, VA, 11/23/2019 6:38 PM, National Air & Space Museum information
  • 1700 WRCR Ramapo, NY, 11/21/2019 8:39 AM, “1700 WRCR” – AC, 241 miles

New travel DX logs added from Colorado and New Mexico

In connection with my quest of visiting all 50 U.S. states, I just got back from a trip to Durango, CO, Albuquerque, NM, and Santa Fe, NM.  I DXed the FM band extensively in each city.  I also updated my existing Baltimore, MD travel DX log with a few new stations.  The new logs below have been added to my DX Logs page.

Spectacular tropo opening 9/28/19. 7 new FM logs and 3 new TV logs

2016-post-trThe amazing abundance of tropo enhancement in the summer/fall of 2019 has completely made up for the severe lack of Sporadic E earlier in the year.  For the second time this month, a tropo duct formed bringing in FM and TV signals up to 278 miles away.  It started at about 8:00 PM when Norfolk, VA signals, at 120-140 miles away to the southeast, were coming in over semi-local and regional signals in my car.  By 11:00 PM, the Norfolk signals were in with full HD Radio decodes and RDS on stations that don’t run HD.  Norfolk’s 40 WTKR and 50 WGNT were in with local grade signals.  This is a common occurrence in the warmer months at my location.

At 11:30 PM, the Norfolk signals faded away and were replaced with the common Philadelphia, PA FM & TV signals that I often get (at roughly 144 miles away) from the northeast instead.  With that came a few new FM stations.  The duct soon expanded into New York City and Long Island with WLNY-TV, a new digital log that I haven’t seen in 18 years since I first logged them as an analog signal.  Although this duct wasn’t as strong as the one experienced on 9/11/19 where most New York City FM stations came in over my local Washington, DC signals, this opening made up with several random and unexpected FM & TV logs, with two signals (99.1 WAWZ and 107.9 WPPZ-FM) decoding in HD right over my local stations.

For brevity, I only have listed stations below which have new RDS/HD Radio screenshots, TV screenshots, or audio files.   The content below has been added to my DX Logs pages.

 = new station first received in this opening

  • 88.9 WBYO Sellersville, PA, 157 miles, “Word FM” – ccm
  • 89.9 WXTR Tappahannock, VA, 62 miles, “Life Talk Radio” – religious (first-time RDS decode from previously-logged station)
  • 91.5 WNYE New York, NY, 227 miles, jazz program match to website
  • 94.3 WJLK Asbury Park, NJ, 201 miles “94-3 The Point” – CHR
  • 99.1 WAWZ Zarephath, NJ, 197 miles, “Star 99.1” – ccm, over local WDCH
  • 99.9 WODE-FM Easton, PA, 179 miles, “99.9 The Hawk” – classic hits
  • 105.7 WCHR-FM Manahawkin, NJ, 174 miles, “105-7 The Hawk” – classic rock (first-time RDS decode from previously-logged station)
  • 106.3 WJSE North Cape May, NJ, 144 miles, “106.3 The Shore” – classic hits (first-time RDS decode from previously-logged station)
  • 106.5 WTHJ Bass River Township, NJ, 170 miles, “Thunder 106” – country
  • 107.9 WPPZ-FM Pennsauken, NJ, 144 miles, “Classix 107.9” – classic urban AC, over local WLZL
  • 22 WTVE Reading, PA, 145 miles, “Sonlife” – religious (subdecode from Insignia DTT-901 menu with PSIP callsign visible)
  • 26 WQAV-CD Glassboro, NJ, 150 miles, “Jewelry TV, Ind. (subdecode from Insignia DTT-901 menu with PSIP callsign visible)
  • 29 WLNY-TV Riverhead, NY, 278 miles, “WLNY 10/55” – Ind.

New FM translator in Northern Virginia, 103.1 W276DT

While scanning the FM dial on September 24, 2019, I found a new station on 103.1 rebroadcasting the EWTN religious network.  At first, I thought that nearby 106.3 WJPN-LP, which also airs EWTN, had moved to 103.1, but I knew that wasn’t the case after still hearing WJPN-LP on 106.3.  I then heard an ad for a Baltimore-area church on the signal, which made me then think nearby 103.1 WRNR Annapolis, MD–in the Baltimore radio market–had flipped formats.  They did not.  A quick search of found a reference to the signal being a new translator licensed to Falls Church, VA, W276DT, relaying 1160 WMET Gaithersburg, MD.  I have added W276DT to my FM DX Log.

The addition of W276DT to the airwaves has little impact on DXing for me.  W276DT is somewhat strong in my car, but it is very weak at home.  Prior to the signal signing on, WRNR would often come in with local strength.  While I predict this to happen less with the new translator on-air, I still think WRNR (and other signals on 103.1) will easily come in via signal enhancement.

New FM log:

  • 103.1 W276DT Falls Church, VA, 15 miles

Colossal FM & TV DX opening 9/11/19; 7 new FM logs and 6 new TV logs

2016-post-trA once-in-a-decade mammoth tropo duct to the north brought in multiple signals complete with HD Radio and RDS from New York City and surrounding areas to my Northern Virginia home on September 11, 2019.  This comes on the heels of a spectacular tropo opening into New York and North Carolina the previous morning, which netted me 10 new DTV logs.

I first noticed New York’s TV 27 WNYW–which I had first logged the night before–coming in with local-grade reception at 227 miles at about 11:30 PM on September 10.  Several other TV stations popped in from New York and Philadelphia at 144-227 miles away.  At this point, the opening was largely TV-only like the previous night’s.

Without warning, many of my regional radio stations succumbed to strong signals from New York, such as 92.3, 101.9, and 102.7 FM.  Minutes later, many of my local Washington, DC stations disappeared for the first time to NYC signals, resulting in seven new logs alone from the New York market.  100.3 WHTZ’s HD Radio signal blasted in right over local WBIG, which also runs HD Radio.  I have not seen such an opening to the north in at least a decade.

The opening was not just limited to New York stations.  FM signals from Philadelphia started to overpower my local Washington signals on the same frequencies at the same time, many with first-time HD Radio decodes.  The entire duct began to fade into the usual Norfolk and Richmond fare at about 3:00 AM.

For brevity, I only have listed stations below which have new RDS/HD Radio screenshots or audio files.  Everything radio-related below have been added to my DX Logs pages.

= new station first received in this opening

  • 88.7 WKNZ Harrington, DE, 93 miles, 25 KW, “88-7 The Bridge” – ccm
  • 90.1 WRTI Philadelphia, PA, 143 miles, 12.5 KW, over local WCSP
  • 90.9 WHYY-FM Philadelphia, PA, 143 miles, 13.5 KW, “WHYY” – public radio, over local WETA
  • 92.9 WRDX Smyrna, DE, 98 miles, 1.7 KW, “92.9 Tom FM” – adult hits
  • 94.1 WIP-FM Philadelphia, PA, 144 miles, 16 KW, “SportsRadio 94 WIP” – sports
  • 94.7 WDSD Dover, DE, 98 miles, 50 KW, “94-7 WDSD” – country, over local WIAD
  • 100.3 WHTZ Newark, NJ, 227 miles, 6 KW, “Z100” – CHR, over local WBIG
  • 105.1 WWPR-FM New York, NY, 227 miles, 17 KW, “Power 105.1” – urban, over local WAVA
  • 105.9 WQXR-FM Newark, NJ, 227 miles, .61 KW, classical, over local WMAL
  • 106.7 WLTW New York, NY, 227 miles, 1.8 KW, “106.7 Lite FM” – AC, over local WJFK

The following new logs and screenshots (including more not seen below from DTV subchannels) were added to my TV DX Log:

  •  2 WDPB Salisbury, MD, 89 miles, 40 KW, “MeTV” – MeTV
  •  6 WPVI-TV Philadelphia, PA, 144 miles, 56 KW, “Action News 6” – ABC
  • 16 WCPB Salisbury, MD, 92 miles, 320 KW, “MPT” – PBS
  • 25 WPHY-CD Trenton, NJ, 145 miles, 15 KW, religious
  • 26 WXTV-DT Paterson, NJ, 226 miles, 200 KW, “Univision” – Univision
  • 32 WBOC-TV Salisbury, MD, 88 miles, 1,000 KW, “WBOC-TV 16” – CBS

Best night of TV DXing in 20 years: 10 new digital TV logs and new DTV distance record achieved

Out of 20 years of DXing, September 10, 2019 was the best TV DXing event that I have ever experienced. I received 7 new TV logs from New York City and North Carolina upward to 244 miles from my home in Northern Virginia, setting a new distance record for digital TV reception.

It all started in the early morning hours of September 9. Stellar regional tropo brought in three new TV logs from within 85 miles:

  • 5 WMDE Dover, DE, 66 miles, 10 KW, “WMDE” – Ind.
  • 24 WRLH-TV Richmond, VA, 80 miles, “FOX Richmond” – FOX, on its new post-repack channel
  • 28 WGDV-LD Salisbury, MD, 83 miles, 15 KW, “Azteca America” – spanish

I also logged HD Radio for the first time from previously-logged 88.9 WCVE-FM Richmond, VA, 77 miles away.

The main event came that night and into the next morning on September 10, where I found local 99.1 WDCH Bowie, MD (50 KW @ 39 miles) gone, replaced with a local-grade signal from 99.1 WVOD (50 KW @ 214 miles) from Manteo, NC. Other radio enhancement was minor, although I did get 104.1 WTQR Winston-Salem, NC, 100 KW @ 233 miles, over local 104.1 WPRS, 50 KW @ 23 miles, something that hasn’t happened in over a decade. New York City’s 105.1 WWPR, previously logged, was heard weakly over local 105.1 WAVA. Seeing that the FM dial was enhanced but not wide open, I didn’t expect much when I turned on my TV.

The first thing that came across my screen was a subdecode from New York, NY’s 27 WNYW. This was completely unexpected, given the much-closer Philadelphia TV signals I often get (26 WCAU and 30 KYW-TV) had weak signals. Within the next hour, signals from Raleigh, NC and eastern/coastal North Carolina boomed in with local-grade reception at 210-244 miles. I received many stations in digital for the first time that I had received in analog prior to the 2009 DTV transition, logging seven new TV stations. 19 WUNM-TV and 47 WYDO are new record holders for my furthest DTV receptions, at 244 miles each.

The following new logs and screenshots (including more not seen below from DTV subchannels) were added to my TV DX Log:

  • 19 WUNM-TV Jacksonville, NC, 244 miles, 700 KW, “UNC-TV” – PBS
  • 27 WNYW New York, NY, 224 miles, 92.8 KW, “FOX 5” – FOX (note: you will see a “PHL 17” logo at the bottom right from WPHL in Philadelphia–that was the station I was tuned into before logging WNYW. Sometimes the Insignia DTT-901 box will display a “ghost” image of the last-logged station upon a weak signal partially decoding from another station.
  • 27 WLFL Raleigh, NC, 216 miles, 775 KW, “CW 22” – CW (note: subdecode showing the DTT-901 menu with positive PSIP ID).
  • 33 WTVZ-TV Norfolk, VA, 134 miles, 960 KW, “My TVZ” – MyTV, over local WHUT-DT
  • 38 WEPX-TV Greenville, NC, 238 miles, 850 KW, “Ion” – Ion
  • 47 WYDO Greenville, NC, 244 miles, 350 KW, “FOX Eastern Carolina” – FOX
  • 48 WRAL-TV Raleigh, NC, 216 miles, 805 KW, “WRAL” – NBC

Tropo 8/5/19: 2 new TV logs

Minor tropo on August 5 brought in two new stations on their new post-2019 transition channels.  Strong signals from Philadelphia’s 28 WCAU and 30 KYW-TV came in for the first time during the early morning hours of August 5 with previously-logged 17 WPHL.  KYW-TV, on its previous pre-repack channel of TV 26, was an occasional visitor.  WCAU, on the other hand, is an all-new log.  The new logs and screenshots below have been added to my DX Logs.

  • 28 WCAU Philadelphia, PA, 144 miles, 745 KW, “NBC 10” – NBC
  • 30 KYW-TV Philadelphia, PA, 144 miles, 790 KW, “CBS 3 Eyewitness News” – CBS