HD Radio and RDS are two similar, but different technologies that allow radio stations to display certain information, such as call letters or song title, on a capable radio’s screen.  While the ability of showing text on-screen is helpful for casual listeners trying to identify a new song being played, the technology is great for DXers because it can lead to a quick, positive ID to an otherwise unknown signal.  I added my first RDS-capable radio to my shack in 2006 and bought my first HD Radio in 2008.

The gallery below shows the AM signals that I have decoded HD Radio from (RDS is not something available on AM in the United States).  The only stations that frequently decode HD Radio at my home are 700 WLW, 880 WCBS, 1010 WINS, and 1210 WPHT.  Many stations, including 1560 WQEW (now WFME) pictured below, dropped their IBOC service sometime in the 2010s.

Please note that the list below only shows stations that I have received HD Radio from–it is not a complete list of the over 300 AM stations received at my home.  To view my complete DX log, please visit my DX Logs page.

This page is graphics-intensive and may take a while to load on slower connections.

KHz Calls City of License State Miles Prop Notes Updated
670 WSCR Chicago IL 612 Sw 1/20/2019
700 WLW Cincinnati OH 382 Sw 2/11/2010
780 WBBM Chicago IL 611 Sw 3/7/2019
810 WGY Schenectady NY 611 Sw 1/19/2019
820 WWFD Frederick MD 53 Gw 1/14/2019
880 WCBS New York NY 238 Sw 12/22/2018
1010 WINS New York NY 223 Sw 12/22/2018
1030 WBZ Boston MA 418 Sw 11/27/2008
1210 WPHT Philadelphia PA 151 Sw 1/16/2019
1560 WQEW New York NY 227 Sw 2/9/2010
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