Roanoke, VA RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery

A sunset from my hotel room window in Roanoke in 2016.


  • Last updated: 2/21/16

I spent a weekend in Roanoke, Virginia in February 2016, and to my surprise, I received signals up to 170 miles away with minor tropo enhancement due to 70-degree temperatures.  Roanoke and nearby Lynchburg, VA are interesting because in terms of TV signals, they are considered one market, being roughly 45 miles apart from one another.  For FM, however, they are different markets.  Almost all of the Lynchburg signals are not receivable in Roanoke, save for a handful of stronger signals.  I believe this is due to mountain attenuation and weak <1 kw signals from Lynchburg.


Click here to download the full Excel log of 67 FM stations received in Roanoke. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from.


88.5 FM

89.1 FM

90.3 FM

91.7 FM

92.3 FM

93.5 FM

93.9 FM

94.5 FM

94.9 FM

96.3 FM

97.7 FM

98.7 FM

99.1 FM

101.5 FM

102.1 FM

103.7 FM

104.9 FM

106.1 FM

107.3 FM

107.9 FM