Lynchburg, VA RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery

  • Log last updated: 2/20/16

I made a stop in Lynchburg, VA to do a dial scan while en route to Roanoke, VA in February 2016.  Roanoke and Lynchburg are interesting because in terms of TV signals, they are considered one market, being roughly 45 miles apart from one another.  For FM, however, they are different markets.  Except for a few of the stronger Roanoke signals, most of Roanoke’s FM stations cannot be received with reliable reception during deadband conditions in Lynchburg.  This is likely due to mountain attenuation between the cities and weak signals <1 kw.


Click here to download the full Excel log of 44 FM stations received in Lynchburg. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from, not all stations logged from this location.


89.1 FM

91.7 FM

94.9 FM

95.3 FM

97.1 FM

98.5 FM

99.7 FM

100.1 FM

100.7 FM

101.7 FM

102.7 FM

105.9 FM

107.1 FM

107.9 FM