Denver, CO RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery

A Welcome to Denver sign at the Denver International Airport in 2014.
  • Last updated: 8/24/14

I visited the Denver, CO area for several days in August 2014. During deadband conditions, the Insignia NS-HD01 and my rental car radio received signals up to 100 miles away, mostly into northern Colorado and Wyoming. On 8/24, slight tropo enhancement increased the effective range to 112 miles away.

The blue square screenshots below are from the Insignia NS-HD01, while the white-on-black RDS screenshots were from my rental car radio.

The logs below are updated as I revisit the area. HD Radio and RDS screenshots are added when received and they may not reflect the initial logging of the stations listed below.

Click here to download the full Excel log of 61 FM stations received in Denver. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from.


88.1 FM

89.3 FM

89.7 FM

90.1 FM

91.1 FM

91.5 FM

92.1 FM

92.5 FM

92.9 FM

92.9 FM

93.3 FM

93.3 FM

93.9 FM

97.3 FM

97.9 FM

98.5 FM

99.1 FM

99.5 FM

99.9 FM

100.3 FM

101.1 FM

101.5 FM

101.9 FM

102.3 FM

103.1 FM

103.5 FM

104.3 FM

105.1 FM

105.5 FM

105.9 FM

106.3 FM

106.7 FM

107.1 FM

107.5 FM