Charlottesville, VA RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery

  • Log last updated: 2/20/16

I did a quick dial scan of the Charlottesville, VA radio dial while en route to Roanoke, VA in February 2016.  Being about 80 miles away from my home, I occasionally get Charlottesville’s stronger FM stations at home.  When tuning the dial, what surprised me was that a little over half of the city’s FM signals were either translators or LPFMs.  Due to this, the market is largely ‘isolated’ from northern tropo (toward Washington, DC) during deadband conditions as seen below.


Click here to download the full Excel log of 50 FM stations received in Charlottesville. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from, not all stations logged from this location.


88.5 FM

89.7 FM

91.1 FM

91.9 FM

92.3 FM

95.1 FM

97.5 FM

99.7 FM

100.7 FM

101.3 FM

103.5 FM

106.1 FM