Los Angeles, CA RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery

The famous Hollywood sign in 2014.
  • Log last updated: 8/20/14

I visited the Los Angeles, CA area for several days in August 2014. Much to my surprise, several San Diego and nearby Mexican FM signals blasted in with local-grade reception the first two days of my trip, almost all received with the Insignia NS-HD01 portable HD radio.

The NS-HD01 had no issue receiving signals up to 140 miles away, many with full HD Radio decodes. The reception, at times, on the handheld portable radio rivaled the radio in my rental car. Equally intriguing, I received a partial HD decode from a TV 6 LPFMer, KSFV, while no records online indicate the signal (or any like FM signals) are permitted to run IBOC.

The blue square screenshots below were from the NS-HD01, while the white-on-black RDS screenshots were from my Chevrolet rental car.

Click here to download the full Excel log of 80 FM stations received in Los Angeles. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from.


87.7 FM

88.1 FM

89.3 FM

89.5 FM

89.9 FM

91.1 FM

91.5 FM

91.7 FM

92.3 FM

92.7 FM

93.1 FM

93.5 FM

93.9 FM

94.1 FM

94.7 FM

95.1 FM

95.5 FM

96.3 FM

96.7 FM

97.1 FM

97.5 FM

97.9 FM

98.7 FM

99.1 FM

100.3 FM

100.7 FM

101.1 FM

101.5 FM

101.9 FM

102.3 FM

102.7 FM

103.1 FM

103.5 FM

103.9 FM

104.3 FM

104.7 FM

105.1 FM

105.3 FM

105.5 FM

105.9 FM

106.3 FM

106.5 FM

106.7 FM

107.1 FM

107.5 FM

107.9 FM