Houston, TX RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery


  • Log last updated: 4/14/15

I visited the Houston area during my trip to Texas in April 2015. While there, I DXed throughout the city, my hotel in the Houston suburb of League City, TX, and in nearby Galveston, TX.

A dike in Texas City, TX (just NE of Galveston) provided an exceptional spot for DXing. On the night of 4/13/14, water-enhanced tropo brought signals over 220 miles away into Louisiana to my rental car’s radio while on the dike. Reception, at times, proved to be difficult as signals would come in clearly then either disappear or swap with another strong station as I drove down the dike, much like what one would encounter during a Sporadic E opening.

Click here to download the full Excel log of 69 FM stations received in Houston. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from, not all stations logged from this location.


88.7 FM

89.3 FM

90.9 FM

91.3 FM

92.1 FM

92.5 FM

92.9 FM

93.3 FM

93.7 FM

94.1 FM

94.5 FM

95.1 FM

95.7 FM

96.1 FM

96.5 FM

96.9 FM

97.1 FM

97.5 FM

97.9 FM

98.5 FM

99.1 FM

99.5 FM

99.9 FM

100.3 FM

101.1 FM

101.5 FM

101.7 FM

102.1 FM

102.5 FM

102.9 FM

103.7 FM

104.1 FM

104.5 FM

104.9 FM

105.7 FM

106.1 FM

106.5 FM

106.9 FM

107.5 FM

107.9 FM