Baltimore, MD RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery

Outside of Baltimore, MD in 2014.
  • Log last updated: 11/21/17

I have visited the Baltimore, MD area several times in recent years. At 56 miles away from home, most signals received in Baltimore were tropo targets of which I already have logged in my FM DX log. However, Baltimore is just far enough away from home to receive a different set of deadband-condition FM signals via groundwave. At home, these signals that fade in over the noise level are from Richmond and Norfolk, VA, while in Baltimore the signals are from Philadelphia, southern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

It is only 35 miles from center of Washington to the middle of Baltimore. In other locales, one set of signals would likely cover the entire area, given how close the cities are to each other. However, this is not the case with the Nation’s Capital and Charm City. Both cities have their own set of radio and TV stations. Indeed, most of the signals come in strong enough to provide great reception in either city. But what makes these two markets somewhat unique is how short-spaced their respective stations are. For example, DC’s 104.1 WPRS and Baltimore’s 104.3 WZFT both run IBOC. This means that, with IBOC’s characteristic ‘silencing’ of adjacent-to-local frequencies with digital hash, 104.3 WZFT is hard to pick up in a car radio until you get about 15 miles south of Baltimore (the same thing for 104.1 WPRS when you get closer to DC).

The 2014 loggings were received in downtown Baltimore and nearby White Marsh, MD, while the 2017 log was received in southern Baltimore suburb Linthicum Heights, MD.

Click here to download the full Excel log of 62 FM stations received in Baltimore. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from.



88.1 FM

88.5 FM

88.9 FM

89.3 FM

89.7 FM

90.1 FM

90.9 FM

91.5 FM

91.9 FM

92.3 FM

93.1 FM

93.9 FM

94.5 FM

95.1 FM

95.5 FM

95.9 FM

96.3 FM

97.1 FM

97.9 FM

98.7 FM

99.5 FM

100.3 FM

100.7 FM

101.1 FM

101.9 FM

102.3 FM

102.7 FM

103.1 FM

103.5 FM

103.7 FM

104.3 FM

104.9 FM

105.1 FM

105.7 FM

106.1 FM

106.5 FM

106.7 FM

107.3 FM

107.9 FM