Submit Your FM Screenshots!

Would you like to have your own screenshots from your RDS and/or HD Radio-cable radio featured on my website?  Go to the contact page and send me an email!  I am looking for screenshots from anywhere in the world, even if I already have your local stations posted on the site.

Here are the details:

  • Please send screenshots to my email (found on the contact page)  in .jpg or .bmp format as big as possible.  It is fine to use a digital camera or a cell phone camera!
  • Provide the following information with each screenshot: Station frequency, call letters, how far the station is from you (in miles or kilometers.)
  • Let me know the following about you: Your name, what city/town/country your radio is located, and the types of radios that you use to DX.  I will use this info to put together your screenshot page.
  • ANY RDS or HD Radio-compatible radio is accepted, even car radios.
  • It is great if you have more than one RDS/HD-capable radio.  Send screenshots from both, if possible!

How do I know if my radio can receive RDS and/or HD Radio?

  • Radios with RDS capabilities can show radio text information, such as song titles, station names, or call letters.  Tune to a very strong channel and see if your radio displays anything other than a frequency.  If you see words on the screen that pertain to the station, then you have a capable radio!
  • Examples of RDS from various radios:
  • Examples of HD Radio from various radios:
    As you can see, RDS and HD Radio can appear in very different formats depending on what radio you have.

How do I take the pictures?  How do I get them to you?

  • Tune into a radio station that displays RDS or HD Radio.  Make sure you put your camera close to the screen, taking care to ensure the image is clear (you may need to set your camera on macro mode.)  Take a picture without flash, and viola…here is your picture!  Upload the picture to your computer, and send it via email to me.