Utica, NY (Matt L.)

These images were sent in from Matt Lanza, a DXer in the Utica, NY area. Equipment used to receive stations below includes the Sony XDR-F1HD radio, and his ’06 Toyota Corolla factory radio.

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88.3 WAER Syracuse, NY, 49mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

89.9 WRVO Oswego, NY, 71mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

91.3 WCNY Utica, NY, 0, 11/25/08, Local

91.5 WXXI Rochester, NY, 121mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

92.5 WBEE Rochester, NY, 116mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

93.1 WNTQ Syracuse, NY, 45mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

94.5 WYYY Syracuse, NY, 49mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

95.1 WFXF Honeoye Falls, NY, 113mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

104.3 WFRG Utica, NY, 14mi, 11/25/08, Local

104.7 WBBS FUlton, NY, 62mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

107.9 WWHT Syracuse, NY, 49mi, 11/25/08, Tropo

670 WSCR Chicago, IL, 661mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH, 542mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

780 WBBM Chicago, IL, 542mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

810 WGY Albany, NY, 64mi, 11/25/08, Groundwave

840 WHAS Louisville, KY, 633mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

880 WCBS New York, NY, 173mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

1030 WBZ Bosotn, MA, 226mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

1080 WTIC Hartfort, CT, 153mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH, 354mi, 11/25/08, Skywave

1560 WQEW New York, NY, 180mi, 11/25/08, Skywave