Albany, NY (Matt L.)

These images were sent in from Matt Lanza, a DXer in the Utica, NY area. These screenshots are from his previous home location in Albany, NY. Equipment used to receive stations below includes the Sony XDR-F1HD radio, and his ’06 Toyota Corolla factory radio.

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90.3 WAMC Albany, NY 42mi Tr 8/2/08

88.1 WMHT Schenectady, NY 18mi Tr 8/2/08

88.9 WWNO New Orleans, LA 1262mi Es 8/08

89.7 WGBH Boston, NY 151mi Tr 8/2/08

92.3 WFLY Troy, NY 18mi Tr 8/2/08

93.5 WZCR Hudson, NY 45mi Tr 8/10/08

94.3 WBTN Bennington, VT 38m I 8/2/08

95.1 WRKI Brookfield, CT 100mi Tr 8/08

95.5 WYJB Albany, NY 18mi Tr 8/2/08

96.3 WAJZ Vorheesville, NY 18mi Tr 8/10/08

96.7 WPTR Clifton Park, NY 3mi Tr 8/2/08

97.1 WZRT Rutland, VT 74mi Tr 8/2/08

97.9 WRIP Windham, NY 45mi Tr 8/10/08

98.3 WTRY Rotterdam, NY 13mi Tr 8/10/08

98.5 WKCM Lake George, NY 37mi Tr 8/10/08

98.9 WOKO Burlington, VT 113mi Tr 8/08

99.5 WRVE Schenectady, NY 18mi Tr 8/10/08

102.3 WKKF Ballston Spa, NY 3mi Tr 8/10/08

103.1 WHRL Albany, NY 20mi Tr 8/10/08

103.5 WQBJ Cobleskill, NY 29mi Tr 8/10/08

104.5 WTMM Mechanicsville, NY 3mi Tr 8/10/08

105.3 WJEN Killington, VT 75mi 8/2/08

105.7 WBZZ Malta, NY 17mi Tr 8/10/08

106.5 WPYX Albany, NY 18mi Tr 8/10/08

106.7 WIZN Vergennes, VT 151mi Tr (received in Little Falls, NY) 8/2/08

107.7 WGNA Albany, NY 18mi Tr 8/10/08