Hagerstown, MD RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery


  • Log last updated: 8/22/16

I spent a weekend in Hagerstown, MD area in January 2016.  In August 2016, I returned briefly on the way home from Pittsburgh, PA and got some new RDS screenshots.  Hagerstown is 72 miles away from my Woodbridge, VA, home, and it is about equally 62 miles away from both Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.  Located close to the panhandle of West Virginia and the Pennsylvania state line, Hagerstown is on the northwestern fringe of my local FM stations’ range.  Its position at the northern point of the Shenandoah Valley also allows it to get signals from both sides of the mountains that affect reception at another place I’ve DXed, Woodstock, VA, which is in the same valley but surrounded by mountains to the east and west and suffers severe signal attenuation in those directions.

Although the DC and Baltimore FM signals largely make it into Hagerstown with RDS strength, the signals are riddled with ‘dead spots’ at various places in town which allow other signals on the same frequencies to come in.  Case in point: 99.5 FM.  On the east end of town, DC’s 99.5 WIHT was blaring in.  On the west end–maybe 5 miles away–99.5 WDZN was coming in with RDS, instead.

Click here to download the full Excel log of 107 FM stations received in Hagerstown. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from.