Myrtle Beach, SC RDS/HD Radio Screenshot Gallery


  • Last updated: 7/1/12

I took a trip to Myrtle Beach in 2012. While there, a phenomenal tropo duct brought in signals from the entire eastern coast of Florida up to 530 miles away for two days–a personal tropo distance record for me. What surprised me during the two days of the duct was that the signals were received only by the supplied wire antenna that came with the Sony XDR-F1HD radio. Most of the time, I kept the antenna on the floor of my hotel room.

Another aspect of Myrtle Beach that surprised me is that there are relatively few HD Radio stations in the region. No Myrtle Beach station broadcasted IBOC while I was there, and the few signals from surrounding cities (Charleston, Florence, etc.) that did have IBOC were not receivable due to very strong tropo signals on adjacent frequencies, save for one signal. DXing in Myrtle Beach, devoid of IBOC interference, reminded me of how things were at home prior to IBOC signals debuting in 2006. The Sony radio received no overload or interference from strong local signals. For example, a station 485 miles away on 97.9 came in clearly next to a 100kw local station on 97.7 FM at 13 miles away. RDS was in heavy usage in the Myrtle Beach region, thankfully.

Click here to download the full Excel log of 166 FM stations received in Myrtle Beach. The gallery below only shows stations from the Excel log that I received RDS and/or HD Radio from, not all signals received.