Los Angeles, CA HD Radio & RDS Screenshot Gallery

HD Radio and RDS are two similar, but different technologies that allow radio stations to display certain information, such as call letters or song title, on a capable radio’s screen.  While the ability of showing text on-screen is helpful for casual listeners trying to identify a new song being played, the technology is great for DXers because it can lead to a quick, positive ID to an otherwise unknown signal.

While traveling to the Los Angeles, California area in the United States, I received RDS or HD Radio from the stations listed below.

Please note that the list below only shows stations that I have received RDS or HD Radio from in this area–it is not the complete list of every station logged here.  To see my fully detailed travel DX log from this city complete with date & time logged, station mileages, ERPs, formats, and logging notes, please visit my DX Logs page.

Page last updated: 8/22/2014

87.7 KSFV-CD San Fernando Valley, CA

88.1 KKJZ Long Beach, CA

89.3 KPCC Pasadena, CA

89.5 KPBS-FM San Diego, CA

89.9 KCRW Santa Monica, CA

91.1 XETRA Tijuana, BN

91.5 KUSC Los Angeles, CA

91.7 XHGLX Tijuana, BN

92.3 KHHT Los Angeles, CA

92.7 KYRA Thousand Oaks, CA

93.1 KCBS-FM Los Angeles, CA

93.5 KDAY Redondo Beach, CA

93.9 KXOS Los Angeles, CA

94.1 KMYI San Diego, CA

94.7 KTWV Los Angeles, CA

94.9 KBZT San Diego, CA

95.5 KLOS Los Angeles, CA

96.3 KXOL-FM Los Angeles, CA

96.7 KWIZ Santa Ana, CA

97.1 KAMP-FM Los Angeles, CA

97.5 KLYY Riverside, CA

97.9 KLAX-FM East Los Angeles, CA

98.7 KYSR Los Angeles, CA

99.1 KGGI Riverside, CA

100.3 KSWD Los Angeles, CA

100.7 KFMB-FM San Diego, CA

101.1 KRTH Los Angeles, CA

101.5 KGB-FM San Diego, CA

101.9 KSCA Glendale, CA

102.3 KJLH Compton, CA

102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles, CA

103.1 KDLD Santa Monica, CA

103.5 KOST Los Angeles, CA

103.9 KRCD Inglewood, CA

104.3 KBIG Los Angeles, CA

104.7 KCAQ Oxnard, CA

104.7 KQIE Redlands, CA

105.1 KKGO Los Angeles, CA

105.3 KIOZ San Diego, CA

105.5 KBUE Long Beach, CA

105.9 KPWR Los Angeles, CA

106.3 KALI-FM Santa Ana, CA

106.5 KLNV San Diego, CA

106.7 KROQ-FM Pasadena, CA

107.1 KSSE Arcadia, CA

107.5 KLVE Los Angeles, CA

107.9 KWVE-FM San Clemente, CA