As a DXer, traveling is a fun way to see and hear what the radio dial is like in other areas. While in pursuit of my 50 State Challenge, I stopped in Bowman, ND after getting a picture with the North Dakota welcome sign a few miles south of the town.  Bowman is a very small town in northwest North Dakota–so small that it does not have a Walmart or any major fast food restaurant.  Ignoring these facts, Bowman would be the perfect place for a DXer to experience Sporadic E, given the radio dial is almost completely empty.  I did a quick dial scan of the local stations while sitting at a gas station.

The log below represents the first logging of every signal I received in this area. Changes (i.e. new call letters, formats, etc.) observed in these signals upon subsequent visits to this area are noted in the “Information” column, where appropriate. RDS and HD Radio screenshots shown below may be from different loggings of the same station.


Page last updated: 6/24/2019

MHz Calls City of License State Date Miles Information
88.3 KQQM Miles City MT 6/18/2019 109 religious
89.9 KDPR Dickinson ND 6/18/2019 45 “Prairie Public” – classical
91.9 K220FJ Bowman ND 6/18/2019 1 “Prairie Public” – classical
93.9 KXDI Belfield ND 6/18/2019 44 “I-94” – country
95.9 KZZI Belle Fourche SD 6/18/2019 129 “95-9 & 96-3 Eagle Country” – country
97.1 KPSD-FM Faith SD 6/18/2019 95 “SDPB” – public radio
97.9 KTPT Rapid City SD 6/18/2019 144 “97-9 The Breeze” – ccm
99.1 KCAD Dickinson ND 6/18/2019 61 “KC 99” – country
100.5 KJJM Baker MT 6/18/2019 45 “The Rock 100.5” – rock
101.1 KDDX Spearfish SD 6/18/2019 129 “X Rock at 101-1 and 103-5” – rock
101.9 KZZQ Richardton ND 6/18/2019 52 religious
102.3 KZRN Hettinger ND 6/18/2019 40 “102.3 The Range” – country
105.7 KDXN South Heart ND 6/18/2019 57 “The Mix” – hot AC
106.5 K293BN Bowman ND 6/18/2019 2 “97-9 The Breeze” – ccm
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