Recent DX: 1 new FM station; 1 new TV station

During minor tropospheric enhancement in the past week, I received two new stations.  105.7 WQXA came in briefly over semi-local 105.7 WJZ Baltimore.  WJZ is usually with RDS strength at my home, so receiving WQXA was a welcome surprise.  I’ve been trying to get WQXA for years.  A few days before WQXA’s logging, I received 19 WCAV from Charlottesville, VA.  Ever since I started to DX digital TV again last month, I often received a weak DTV signal on channel 19 below the threshold to decode an identifiable signal.  That changed on August 13 with a positive logging.

My DX log, TV Screenshots, and Audio pages have been updated with these new stations.

105.7 WQXA York, PA, 8/16/17, 98 miles

19 WCAV Charlottesville, VA, 8/13/17, 80 miles


TV DX: 2 new TV logs from DE and NJ

TV DX in Northern Virginia has been exceptional this past few days.  Under minor signal enhancement to the northeast, I received two new stations: 22 WNJS and 44 WDPB.  My TV Screenshots, and DX log pages have been updated with these new stations.

22 (virtual 23.1) WNJS Camden, NJ, 7/18/17, 150 miles

44 (virtual 64.1) WDPB Seaford, DE, 7/20/17, 98 miles

More recent DX: 2 new FM logs and 4 new TV logs

Recent tropo openings this past week brought in more new FM & TV stations.  In the early morning hours of July 11, all Norfolk major TV signals were in, including WNLO-CD 45 and Lancaster, PA’s WGAL 8 for the first time.  Although FM wasn’t as strong as TV, I managed to get new log 101.1 WYMY from the Raleigh, NC area in over local WWDC.  DTV decodes from WMJF-CD 39 from Baltimore and WNJT 43 from New Jersey were also received for the first time on July 13.

The prize of the openings was the unlikely log of 99.9 W260BW on July 13.  99.9 is a frequency always dominated by regional blowtorch signals 99.9 WFRE (59 miles), 99.9 WWFG (116 miles), so it was shocking to get anything else on 99.9, especially a weak 80-watt signal at 150 miles away.  My TV Screenshots, DX log, and Audio pages have been updated with these new stations.

New logs:

99.9 W260BW Bridgeton, NJ, “SNJ Today” – hot AC, 7/13/17, 150 miles
101.1 WYMY Burlington, NC, spanish, 7/11/17, 222 miles, over local WWDC

8 (virtual 8.1) WGAL Lancaster, PA, 7/11/17, 119 miles

45 (virtual 45.1) WNLO-CD Norfolk, VA, 7/11/17, 133 miles Continue reading

Recent TV DX: 15 new TV logs

When I started DXing in 1999, I DXed TV as much as I DXed FM.  This abruptly stopped in 2009 with the DTV transition, as distant DTV signals didn’t come in like they did during the analog days.  I tried to DX DTV again in 2013, but gave up a second time due to a lack of new signals.  When I moved earlier this year to a better-positioned location for signal propagation, I wanted to try DTV DXing once again to see if I would have any luck, hoping third time’s a charm.  It was.

In the past few weeks, I received TV signals from all of my major markets I regularly get FM from, including Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD, and for the first time, Philadelphia, PA, with 15 new stations received.  During DX enhancement, there are always signals on unfamiliar channels below the threshold of a PSIP ID, meaning there are many more DX targets that I’ll hopefully log sooner or later.

I added the screenshots below to my TV Screenshots page, which includes similar screenshots from both analog and DTV stations dating back to 2001.  My TV DX log has also been updated with these new stations.

(all new logs)

17 WPHL-DT Philadelphia, PA, 7/2/17, 144 miles Continue reading

New FM radio dial scan video from the Northern Virginia / Washington, DC area

I have made a new dial scan video showcasing the stations that can be tuned in the southern Washington, DC suburb of Woodbridge, VA via a Honda car radio equipped with RDS.  The video more or less shows deadband conditions where no DX is present.  I have an older dial scan video via the Sony XDR-F1HD radio here from 2010 that has DX reception up to 150 miles away and a DTV television dial scan here from 2013 with similar DX distances.

Tr opening 7/15/13. 3 new TV and 2 new FM RDS screenshots added.

new-post-fmtvtrMinor tropo enhancement on July 15 brought in RDS for the first time from common relog 92.3 WTYD, as well as better screenshots than I previously had online from 47 WMDT-DT and 38 WMAR-DT.  More screenshots after the jump.  The TV screenshots have been added to the TV Screenshots page while the FM RDS screenshots were added to the HD / RDS Screenshots page.

92.3 WTYD Deltaville, VA, 92 miles, 7/15/13, Tropo

47 (virtual 47.1) WMDT Salisbury, MD, 7/15/13, 83 miles, 133 km, Tropo Continue reading

11 New DTV screenshots added from relogs

post-tvtrIn an effort to provide screenshots featuring station logos (or newscast screenshots, where available) in my Analog and Digital TV Screenshots page, I have captured new screenshots from the following relogs from tropo openings in recent days.  These pictures replace previous screenshots on this site which did not have prominent logos or were from station newscasts.

New screenshots added (more after the jump):

44 (virtual 57.1) WCVW-DT Richmond, VA, 7/9/13, 82 miles, 131 km, Tropo Continue reading

Es opening 7/5/13. 14 new FM logs. (updated)

post-fmtvesUpdate 7/8/13:  I added three audio files below: 89.1 KYCU, 96.1 KCTX,  and 97.3 KKNG

The best Es opening so far to date this year in Northern Virginia was on July 5.  Starting with very short <600 mi paths at 5:44 p.m. into Chicago, IL, a city never received here before in 14 years of FM DXing, signals were strong with HD Radio decoding into Illinois.  The skip moved southwest into Iowa and Missouri, before staying in most of Oklahoma for the latter half of the opening.  Two DTV signals were seen on channels 4 and 5, but there were no decodes.  Screenshots are included below after the jump.  The Sporadic E dropped out of FM at 8:10 p.m., or 146 minutes, with a MUF of 105.3 MHz.  The RDS and HD Radio screenshots have been added to the RDS & HD Radio Screenshots page.  All TV Screenshots have been added to the TV Screenshots page and all audio files have been added to the Audio page.

@ = new

88.1 KJTY Topeka, KS (“Family Life Radio”)
88.1 unID K-Love with RDS “K-LOVE  88.1”
88.3 @ KJAB Mexico, MO, 786 miles (RDS hit)
89.1 unID FF
89.1 unID religious
89.1 KHNE Hastings, NE, 1113 miles (RDS hit)

89.1 @ KYCU Clinton, OK, 1215 mi (“KCCU”)
89.3 unID NPR over local WPFW
89.3 @ WDLM East Moline, IL, 725 miles over local WPFW (RDS hit)
89.5 @ WNIJ Dekalb, IL, 659 miles (RDS hit)
89.5 KHCD Salina Continue reading

Tr opening 6/25/13. 2 new DTV stations, 11 DTV screenshots added.

post-tvtrMinor tropo enhancement brought in two new digital TV stations today, 32.1 WVIR and 47.1 WMDT.  I also added multiple new screenshots from relogs, including several from the past pre-2009 DTV transition from my archives.  My TV DX Log has been updated with the new logs and all screenshots have been added to the TV Screenshots page.

New logs:

32.1 WVIR-DT Charlottesville, VA, 81 miles, NBC
47.1 WMDT-DT Salisbury, MD, 83 miles, ABC

New screenshots (more after the jump):

32.1 (29.1) WVIR-DT Charlottesville, VA, 6/24/13, 81 miles Continue reading