New travel logs from CT, NH, VT added

I round out my recent vacation up and down most of the Eastern Seaboard by adding two new logs and updating an existing third log.  I have added new DX logs from Brattleboro, VT and Manchester, NH to my Travel DX Logs.  I also updated my existing Hartford, CT travel log from 2016 with new logs and screenshots.

Visit my Travel DX Logs to view my Excel logs and screenshot galleries from each location.

Myrtle Beach, SC travel log updated with 57 new logs and HD Radio reception at over 440 miles

Myrtle Beach in 2012.

After four years, I recently returned to Myrtle Beach and DXed while there.  On June 19, a huge tropo duct brought in HD Radio and analog signals from the Tampa Bay and upper half of Florida at over 440 miles, including a few that came in right over the local Myrtle Beach stations.  Although I experienced a similar tropo event during my last visit to Myrtle Beach in 2012, the sheer strength of the signals and HD Radio decodes during this latest visit was easily the best tropo opening I have worked in almost 20 years of FM DXing.

I updated my Myrtle Beach RDS/HD Radio Screenshots Gallery and Excel log with the new loggings.

UPDATED: Massive FM Es opening 6/20/18. Multiple new logs.

Updated 6/25/18:  I added the screenshots from the signals received via Sporadic E, as well as other local New York-area stations, to my New York City travel RDS/HD Radio screenshots page.  Also, upon further review, I realized that my logging listed below from 99.3 WPBX was actually tropo from 99.3 WMNP Block Island, RI, 108 miles from where I was DXing in Greenwich, CT.  The New York Excel log has been updated with this change.

While traveling in the New York City area on June 20, I found that the FM band was wide open to the Midwest.  For about two solid hours (save for a 20 minute dropout), multiple frequencies were full of rapidly fading signals making it impossible to ID.  Some of the local New York stations at 26 miles away were gone with distant signals coming in over them–the only one I could identify was 94.7 KSHE over NYC’s 94.7 WNSH.  The MUF of the opening was 106.5 MHz, but I saw reports online of a 162 MHz MUF nearby.  Although I was about 230 miles away from my home when I logged these signals, this was the first FM Es opening in ages that actually occurred beyond the 9-5 workday hours, when I can’t DX due to my work schedule.  My New York, NY travel DX log has been updated with the stations listed below.  Again, these stations were received just north of New York City, not at my home in Virginia.

New travel DX logs from West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania added

Mountains 60 miles to the west of my Northern Virginia home severely limit any radio reception in that direction.  Although I have DXed many times within the Shenandoah Valley among these mountains, I haven’t yet had a chance to DX within driving distance on the other side of the mountain range, until now.

I recently visited four cities in this region: Charleston, WV, Cincinnati, OH, Columbus, OH, and Pittsburgh, PA, DXing the FM band in each location.  I also stopped in Harrisonburg, VA along the way to Charleston and DXed there, too.

The Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio logs listed below are all new, while I added new logs and RDS/HD Radio screenshots to my existing Pittsburgh log.  Click on the link below to view the new content from each market, and visit my Travel DX Logs page for similar logs from cities across the United States.

Date Updated City DX Log RDS/HD Radio Screenshots
4/27/18 Pittsburgh, PA Download View Screenshot Gallery
4/27/18 Columbus, OH Download View Screenshot Gallery
4/27/18 Cincinnati, OH Download View Screenshot Gallery
4/27/18 Charleston, WV Download View Screenshot Gallery
4/27/18 Harrisonburg, VA Download View Screenshot Gallery

New Travel DX Logs from NJ, PA added

I recently visited the Philadelphia, PA and Atlantic City, NJ areas.  I added an all-new travel DX log from Atlantic City, and I also I updated my existing Philadelphia log with 65 new FM logs, most with digital RDS screenshots from the Airspy R2 radio, plus more.

Most of the new logs from the Philadelphia area were thanks to a spectacular tropo opening in the early morning hours of Sept. 13.  Signals from up and down the Mid-Atlantic region, including a handful from my hometown of Washington DC, were received with RDS strength.  The opening bottomed later in the morning with reception of a Norfolk, VA signal, 225 miles from where I was in Mount Laurel, NJ.  I haven’t seen tropo this good while traveling since 2012, when I received Miami FM stations via tropo at 552 miles while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Click on the links below to view the new and updated logs:

Click here to view my other travel DX logs from cities across the United States.

Woodstock, VA travel DX log updated with new HD Radio/RDS screenshots

2016-post-trI added many new HD Radio and RDS screenshots to my Woodstock, VA travel log on November 25.  Although the majority of these signals are my local signals from home, they are distant signals in Woodstock.  For most of these stations, the screenshots below are from the first time I received IBOC reception from them.  The page has been added to reflect these new screenshots.

Relogs received:

88.5 WAMU Washington, DC, “88.5 WAMU” – public radio, 75 miles

91.9 WGTS Takoma Park, MD, “91.9 WGTS” – ccm, 82

New travel DX logs added from New England

Portland Breakwater Light in Portland, ME, taken during my September 2016 trip to New England.
Portland Breakwater Light in Portland, ME, taken during my September 2016 trip to New England.

This past week, I visited all states in the New England region and DXed in most of them.  I also updated my existing logs from New York and Philadelphia with new RDS screenshots, adding 18 new logs from the latter city.  Click below to see the new logs, and check out my Travel DX Logs page to find these and many more logs I made from various places across the United States.

New travel DX logs added from Maryland, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

ohioI went on a two-day trip last week to Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA.  While in both cities, I DXed the FM dial, complete with several Canadian FMs popping in while in Cleveland.  On the way home from Pittsburgh, I briefly stopped in Hagerstown, MD and updated my log from that city with several new RDS screenshots.  Click on the links below to view the new DX logs, which were also added to my Travel DX Logs page.

Richmond, VA travel DX Log updated with E-Skip logging; more

post-travelThe first Sporadic E opening observed by me in Virginia was on 6/11/16.  While in Ashland, VA, as I was en route to Richmond, VA for an overnight stay, I picked up 99.5 KPLX from the Dallas, TX area at 1155 miles.  KPLX’s logging was a surprise–I happened to be scanning by 99.5 FM and heard my local WIHT (88 miles away from where I was).  KPLX then faded in for about 10 seconds, just long enough for me to take an RDS screenshot.

While in Richmond, I got superb DX up to 140 miles away into DC, DE, MD and NC.  Surprisingly, most of my local Washington, DC FM stations came in at up to 90 miles away, many with full HD Radio decodes.  An all-encompassing blend of coastal Mid-Atlantic signals from Baltimore, MD, Norfolk, VA and Salisbury, MD blasted in throughout the night.  Although these are the same signals that usually come in at home during any tropo event, it was interesting DXing them with a different set of local signals at another location, especially since Richmond FMs often gets overshadowed at my home in lieu of other regional signals.  A total of 52 new stations have been added to this travel log, which I’ve kept up since 2012.  Click on the link below to view the new logs.

New travel DX logs added from the Midwest

The St. Louis Gateway Arch during my May 2016 trip to St. Louis.  Click to enlarge.
The St. Louis Gateway Arch during my May 2016 trip to St. Louis. Click to enlarge.

With a sheer lack of DX going on at my home, I recently went on another DXing trip, this time to the United States’ Midwest.  While there, I visited the states of Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Wisconsin, all for the first time.  Click on the links below to view the new DX logs, which were also added to my Travel DX Logs page.