AM HD Radio Screenshots

New screenshots are regularly added below as received. Please visit the homepage to find new screenshots added in order by date.

All stations below received in Woodbridge, VA. All HD Radio screenshots were taken after 5/14/08.  Date with each listing changes as a new screenshot is added.  Screenshots are taken with a digital camera showing the screen during actual radio reception.

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Stations are noted in the following format: Frequency, Calls, City of License, State, Mileage, Date Screenshot Last Received/Updated, Propagation Method.

700 WLW Cincinnati, OH, 382mi, 2/11/10, Skywave

800 WCBS New York, NY, 238mi, 2/12/10, Skywave

810 WGY Schenectady, NY, 332mi, 2/24/10, Skywave

1030 WBZ Boston 418mi, 11/27/08, Skywave

1210 WPHT Philadelphia, PA, 151mi, 2/9/10, Skywave

1560 WQEW New York, NY, 227mi, 2/9/10, Skywave