While scanning the FM dial on September 24, 2019, I found a new station on 103.1 rebroadcasting the EWTN religious network.  At first, I thought that nearby 106.3 WJPN-LP, which also airs EWTN, had moved to 103.1, but I knew that wasn’t the case after still hearing WJPN-LP on 106.3.  I then heard an ad for a Baltimore-area church on the signal, which made me then think nearby 103.1 WRNR Annapolis, MD–in the Baltimore radio market–had flipped formats.  They did not.  A quick search of DCRTV.com found a reference to the signal being a new translator licensed to Falls Church, VA, W276DT, relaying 1160 WMET Gaithersburg, MD.  I have added W276DT to my FM DX Log.

The addition of W276DT to the airwaves has little impact on DXing for me.  W276DT is somewhat strong in my car, but it is very weak at home.  Prior to the signal signing on, WRNR would often come in with local strength.  While I predict this to happen less with the new translator on-air, I still think WRNR (and other signals on 103.1) will easily come in via signal enhancement.

New FM log:

  • 103.1 W276DT Falls Church, VA, 15 miles
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