Out of 20 years of DXing, September 10, 2019 was the best TV DXing event that I have ever experienced. I received 7 new TV logs from New York City and North Carolina upward to 244 miles from my home in Northern Virginia, setting a new distance record for digital TV reception.

It all started in the early morning hours of September 9. Stellar regional tropo brought in three new TV logs from within 85 miles:

  • 5 WMDE Dover, DE, 66 miles, 10 KW, “WMDE” – Ind.
  • 24 WRLH-TV Richmond, VA, 80 miles, “FOX Richmond” – FOX, on its new post-repack channel
  • 28 WGDV-LD Salisbury, MD, 83 miles, 15 KW, “Azteca America” – spanish

I also logged HD Radio for the first time from previously-logged 88.9 WCVE-FM Richmond, VA, 77 miles away.

The main event came that night and into the next morning on September 10, where I found local 99.1 WDCH Bowie, MD (50 KW @ 39 miles) gone, replaced with a local-grade signal from 99.1 WVOD (50 KW @ 214 miles) from Manteo, NC. Other radio enhancement was minor, although I did get 104.1 WTQR Winston-Salem, NC, 100 KW @ 233 miles, over local 104.1 WPRS, 50 KW @ 23 miles, something that hasn’t happened in over a decade. New York City’s 105.1 WWPR, previously logged, was heard weakly over local 105.1 WAVA. Seeing that the FM dial was enhanced but not wide open, I didn’t expect much when I turned on my TV.

The first thing that came across my screen was a subdecode from New York, NY’s 27 WNYW. This was completely unexpected, given the much-closer Philadelphia TV signals I often get (26 WCAU and 30 KYW-TV) had weak signals. Within the next hour, signals from Raleigh, NC and eastern/coastal North Carolina boomed in with local-grade reception at 210-244 miles. I received many stations in digital for the first time that I had received in analog prior to the 2009 DTV transition, logging seven new TV stations. 19 WUNM-TV and 47 WYDO are new record holders for my furthest DTV receptions, at 244 miles each.

The following new logs and screenshots (including more not seen below from DTV subchannels) were added to my TV DX Log:

  • 19 WUNM-TV Jacksonville, NC, 244 miles, 700 KW, “UNC-TV” – PBS
  • 27 WNYW New York, NY, 224 miles, 92.8 KW, “FOX 5” – FOX (note: you will see a “PHL 17” logo at the bottom right from WPHL in Philadelphia–that was the station I was tuned into before logging WNYW. Sometimes the Insignia DTT-901 box will display a “ghost” image of the last-logged station upon a weak signal partially decoding from another station.
  • 27 WLFL Raleigh, NC, 216 miles, 775 KW, “CW 22” – CW (note: subdecode showing the DTT-901 menu with positive PSIP ID).
  • 33 WTVZ-TV Norfolk, VA, 134 miles, 960 KW, “My TVZ” – MyTV, over local WHUT-DT
  • 38 WEPX-TV Greenville, NC, 238 miles, 850 KW, “Ion” – Ion
  • 47 WYDO Greenville, NC, 244 miles, 350 KW, “FOX Eastern Carolina” – FOX
  • 48 WRAL-TV Raleigh, NC, 216 miles, 805 KW, “WRAL” – NBC
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