AM DX from the past few days: 8 new logs

April 2019 has started off right in terms of AM DX. I received 8 new logs in recent weeks, and in the past few days, I have added another 8 more, bringing my total AM log station count to 241.

April 4 was something else.  AM signals from Cuba dominated much of the AM dial in the overnight hours, displacing some normally strong regional signals.  It was obvious they were Cuban after I heard one signal give a network ID, and I found the other signals playing the same thing.  What I found even more interesting was that even with the slew of Cuban AM signals coming in, nothing from nearby South Florida came in.  Given how Cuban AM stations often have multiple signals on one frequency with no local legal IDs, I was unable to positively ID every single station listed below, but I am adding them to my DX Logs anyway as a placeholder (in the event I ever do get a positive ID) because it was definitely a Cuban signal that I received.

New signals received:

  • 600 CMKV San Germán, Cuba, 4/4/19 1:35 AM, skywave, 1246 miles, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish, 50kw
  • 620 CMGN Matanzas, Cuba, 4/4/19 1:35 AM, skywave, 1192 miles, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish, 25kw
  • 630 WBMQ Savannah, GA, 4/4/19 1:06 AM, skywave, 501 miles, “News Talk 630 WBMQ” – talk, over local WMAL
  • 670 CM?? Cuba, 4/4/19 1:35 AM, skywave, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish
  • 710 CM?? Cuba, 4/4/19 1:40 AM, skywave, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish
  • 890 CM?? Cuba, 4/4/19 1:16 AM, skywave, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish
  • 900 CM?? Cuba, 4/4/19 1:35 AM, skywave, “Radio Rebelde” – spanish
  • 970 WWRK Florence, SC, 4/7/19 5:42 AM, skywave, 335 miles, “Rock 94.1, 97.9, 105.9” – rock, webcast match