96.7 WCEI Easton, MD is an adult contemporary station on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.  During the warmer months, WCEI is local-grade at my house at 64 miles away.  For years, it was one of the few remaining signals in the region that did not run either RDS or HD Radio.  I read various online reports in recent months that WCEI debuted HD Radio, so I knew it was only a matter of time that I would pick up the station’s digital broadcast.  That happened for the first time during the early morning hours of April 5.  My RDS/HD Radio Screenshots page has been updated with this new screenshot.

4/5/19, HD Radio
4/4/19, HD Radio (incorrect HD callsign)

WCEI does not have their HD callsign programmed correctly.  Instead of showing “WCEI” on the top left corner of the radio screen, it simply shows “HD.”  This seems to be the default text identification when a station revs up their IBOC equipment.  While almost every other station programs this text field with their callsign or station name, WCEI has apparently not.  Ironically, at the time of publishing this post, my local 96.3 WHUR Washington, DC also shows “HD” as their callsign, after showing “WHUR-FM” for years in the same text field.  You can see a very similar screenshot of WHUR’s current incorrect HD Radio callsign to the right.

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