A fairly weak Sporadic E opening into the upper Midwest brought in FM signals from Minnesota and South Dakota to Northern Virginia on July 10.  Skip started at 5:25 PM and was heard for about 5 minutes total between that time and 5:51 PM. The signals were all short-lived, with a MUF of 98.9.  This contrasts with other DXers’ online reports of top-of-the-band skip with strong signals and HD Radio decodes.  Either way, I am glad to have received one new log from this opening, 92.1 KORN, which was identified by its RDS decode.  KORN is the first Sporadic E signal that I have received RDS from since I started to use the Airspy R2 SDR radio.  My DX Log and RDS/HD Radio Screenshots pages have been updated with the new content below.

New log:

92.1 KORN Parkston, SD, e-skip, 1128 miles

Other stations received:

unID 91.7 NPR
92.1 KLQP Madison, MN, 1065 miles
unID 93.5 classic hits
unID 97.3 CHR
unID 98.9 country

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