Updated 6/25/18:  I added the screenshots from the signals received via Sporadic E, as well as other local New York-area stations, to my New York City travel RDS/HD Radio screenshots page.  Also, upon further review, I realized that my logging listed below from 99.3 WPBX was actually tropo from 99.3 WMNP Block Island, RI, 108 miles from where I was DXing in Greenwich, CT.  The New York Excel log has been updated with this change.

While traveling in the New York City area on June 20, I found that the FM band was wide open to the Midwest.  For about two solid hours (save for a 20 minute dropout), multiple frequencies were full of rapidly fading signals making it impossible to ID.  Some of the local New York stations at 26 miles away were gone with distant signals coming in over them–the only one I could identify was 94.7 KSHE over NYC’s 94.7 WNSH.  The MUF of the opening was 106.5 MHz, but I saw reports online of a 162 MHz MUF nearby.  Although I was about 230 miles away from my home when I logged these signals, this was the first FM Es opening in ages that actually occurred beyond the 9-5 workday hours, when I can’t DX due to my work schedule.  My New York, NY travel DX log has been updated with the stations listed below.  Again, these stations were received just north of New York City, not at my home in Virginia.

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