Recent TV DX: 15 new TV logs

When I started DXing in 1999, I DXed TV as much as I DXed FM.  This abruptly stopped in 2009 with the DTV transition, as distant DTV signals didn’t come in like they did during the analog days.  I tried to DX DTV again in 2013, but gave up a second time due to a lack of new signals.  When I moved earlier this year to a better-positioned location for signal propagation, I wanted to try DTV DXing once again to see if I would have any luck, hoping third time’s a charm.  It was.

In the past few weeks, I received TV signals from all of my major markets I regularly get FM from, including Richmond, VA, Baltimore, MD, and for the first time, Philadelphia, PA, with 15 new stations received.  During DX enhancement, there are always signals on unfamiliar channels below the threshold of a PSIP ID, meaning there are many more DX targets that I’ll hopefully log sooner or later.

I added the screenshots below to my TV Screenshots page, which includes similar screenshots from both analog and DTV stations dating back to 2001.  My TV DX log has also been updated with these new stations.

(all new logs)

17 WPHL-DT Philadelphia, PA, 7/2/17, 144 miles

28 WMPB Baltimore, MD, 7/2/17, 56 miles

23 WDDN-LD Washington, DC, 7/8/17, 26 miles

23 WDWA-LD Dale City, VA, 7/2/17, 9 miles

25 WZDC-CD Washington, DC, 7/8/17, 22 miles

26 KYW-TV Philadelphia, PA, 7/4/17, 144 miles

29 WUVP-DT Vineland, NJ, 7/2/17, 112 miles

31 WPPX-TV Wilmington, DE, 7/2/17, 144 miles

31 WRDE-LD Rehoboth Beach, DE, 7/2/17, 112 miles

32 WRZB-LD Washington, DC, 6/29/17, 22 miles

32 WPSG Philadelphia, PA, 7/2/17, 144 miles, over local WRZB-LD

41 WUTB Baltimore, MD, 7/2/17, 51 miles

44 WIAV-CD Washington, DC, 7/2/17, 26 miles

45 W45DN-D Washington, DC, 6/30/17, 41 miles

49 WWSI Atlantic City, NJ, 7/2/17, 150 miles