Tropo opening 6/16/17. 3 new FM logs

It’s a rarity these days that tropo under 150 miles brings in any new stations, but that is exactly what happened during the early morning hours of June 16.  I received strong tropo from the Delmarva Eastern Shore and with it, three new signals, two over local frequencies.  88.5 WHRG was found on a whim when tuning by local WAMU.  I heard a slight “repeat” in the NPR audio superimposed over WAMU and found out it was an entirely different station I didn’t know existed.  101.5 WOWZ has been on my radar since they signed on last year, but I didn’t think I’d get them over local WBQB, which is a very strong signal at my home.  Equally surprising was 105.7 W289CE.  I thought it was 105.7 WRSF from Coastal NC, but it was coming in way too strong, and the other usual coastal NC relog signals that appear with WRSF were absent.  I’m glad I kept on listening.  I also added 25 new RDS signals from relogs; 98.3 WHRL’s RDS being the first time received from that station.  My DX Logs, Audio and RDS/HD Radio Screenshots pages have been added with the new content below.

New logs:

88.5 WHRG Gloucester Point, VA, 99 miles, over local WAMU

101.5 WOWZ Chincoteague, VA, 108 miles, over local WBQB

105.7 W289CE Onley-Onancock, VA, 107 miles

RDS from relogs:

88.3 WRAU Ocean City, MD, 108 miles

89.5 WHRV Norfolk, VA, 135 miles

90.1 WHRX Nassawaddox, VA, 108 miles over local WCSP

90.3 WHRO Norfolk, VA, 135 miles

94.1 WVSP Yorktown, VA, 108 miles

94.5 WDAC Lancaster, PA, 101 miles

95.3 WKHK Colonial Heights, VA, 85 miles

93.7 WSTW Wilmington, DE, 122 miles

93.7 WNOB Chesapeake, VA, 158 miles

95.7 WVKL Norfolk, VA, 135 miles

95.9 WKZP Bethany Beach, DE, 116 miles

96.1 WROX Exmore, VA, 118 miles

98.1 WOCM Selbyville, DE, 116 miles

98.3 WHRF Belle Haven, VA, 108 miles over local WSMD

98.9 WSBY Salisbury, MD, 92 miles

100.5 WVHT Norfolk, VA, 139 miles

101.3 WWDE Hampton, VA, 138 miles

101.7 WZEB Ocean View, DE, 106 miles

102.5 WBOC Princess Anne, MD, 95 miles

104.9 WIGO White Stone, VA, 82 miles

107.7 WKHI Fruitland, MD, 91 miles

107.9 WBQK West Point, VA, 87 miles over local WLZL