Tropo opening 4/10/17. 1 new FM log and new HD Radio screenshots

Minor tropo in the early morning hours of April 10 brought in a new signal that is apparently a recent sign-on, given I had no idea it existed.  94.9 WAMS from the Ocean City, MD area popped in around 2:41 AM.  This is the first new log I’ve received since moving to my new home last month.  My FM DX Log and Audio pages were updated with the new log and audio clip below.

94.9 WAMS Newark, MD, 111 miles

Additionally, I got an HD Radio decode from Baltimore’s 104.3 WZFT for the first time in about a decade after the station debuted the service.  Up until now, I received several subdecodes from WZFT, but not a full decode like last night.  104.3 is a difficult frequency to decode HD on locally due to a strong HD-broadcasting local on 104.1 FM, and a semi-local station on 104.5 FM. WZFT’s 104.5 IBOC sideband came in over the semi-local signal, allowing it to decode.  The screenshots below were added to my HD Radio & RDS Screenshots page.

104.3 WZFT Baltimore, MD, 56 miles