Tropo fade-ins: 2 new FM logs

Local 95.5 WPGC Morningside, MD’s HD Radio broadcast has been off-air most of March 11 and 12, freeing 95.7 FM for normal DXing.  In the past 11 years since IBOC debuted locally, I can’t recall a time where WPGC-HD was turned off.  In its absence, the usual visitors on 95.7 pre-IBOC days came in frequently: 95.7 WVKL Norfolk, VA and 95.7 WBEN Philadelphia, PA.  But at 7:23 AM, a new station came in and stayed for most of the 7, 8, and 9 AM hours: 95.7 WPIG.  This station was unexpected, given its signal in SW New York had to cross the Appalachian Mountains completely to be received in Virginia.

95.7 WPIG Olean, NY, 241 miles

I also logged a new translator on 93.5 FM on March 12, 93.5 W283CD.  Local 93.3 WFLS Fredericksburg, VA’s IBOC signal has been off-air for several weeks.  W283CD seems to be a new signal, relaying a DC-area AM signal.  It is very weak at my house under normal reception and seems easily overcome by moderate Tr or Es, however, this now means I can’t utilize 93.5 FM for unattended recordings when WFLS-HD is off, unfortunately.

93.5 W283CD Silver Spring, MD, 28 miles

My DX Log and Audio Files pages have been updated with the above loggings and recordings.