Goodbye, 92.9 FM



And just like that, my best frequency for DXing for the past 17 years is no more.  Once free from any HD Radio interference or tropo pests within 120 miles and my best spot on the dial for detecting early Sporadic E openings, 92.9 FM is now occupied by a new, very strong translator in Northern Virginia.  It seemed to have signed on in the past few days.

The signal, W227BM, apparently a construction permit to a Washington, DC move-in from nearby Winchester, VA’s 93.3 FM, rebroadcasts 730 WTNT Alexandria, VA with mono audio.  My FM DX Log and Local FM Stations pages have been updated with this new logging.

Prior to W227BM signing on, I received almost 50 signals on 92.9 FM via tropo, Sporadic E and meteor scatter since 1999.  To be honest, I was expecting this frequency’s availability for DXing to end any time now, given how translators are popping up exponentially in the past year and how this was the last true free spot on the local dial.

92.9, it was great while it lasted.

New log:
92.9 W227BM Centreville, VA, “La Capital” – spanish, 14 miles