FM E-Skip opening 7/23/16 into LA

post-fmesA weak FM Es opening was heard in Northern Virginia on July 23.  Skip was heard with a MUF of 100.7 FM for 28 minutes between 7:43 PM and 8:46 PM.  IDs were few and far between this opening, as signals often faded just before identification was given.  My HD/RDS Screenshots page has been updated with the new screenshots below.

Relogs heard:
88.1 unID NPR
89.1 WBSN New Orleans, LA, public radio, 945 miles
89.5 unID religious
89.9 unID religious
91.5 unID bluegrass
91.7 unID NPR
92.3 unID country
92.7 unID country over local WWXT
93.5 unID country
96.7 KCIL Gray, LA, “C96.7” – country, 998 miles
wtge2 wtge
100.7 WTGE Baton Rouge, LA, “The Tiger” – country, 982 miles