FM E-Skip opening 7/12/16 into AR, FL, IA, KS, LA, MN, MI, MO, MS, NE, OK

post-fmesAs the old saying goes, a watched pot never boils.  I can sit in front of my radio every evening and weekend all summer long this year and not see any Sporadic E-Skip.  But once I am at work and unable to actively DX a radio, let the festivities begin.  Like usual, I missed a mammoth of an E-Skip opening, the first trace of any Sporadic E reception in Northern Virginia in 13 days (the last opening was also a missed daytime opening from work–where’s the evening openings this year?)  Based on unattended recordings on 93.7 and 100.7 FM, skip started at about 10:25 AM and doused the FM dial with strong, local-grade reception, at least 191 minutes in FM until 3:03 PM.  Skip started in Miami, then quickly shifted into MS, LA, and then the Midwest, ending in Minnesota and (supposedly) Manitoba.  My HD Radio/RDS Screenshots and Audio Files pages have been updated with the new content below.

Relogs received:

93.7 KXKS Shreveport, LA, “Kiss Country 93-7” – country, 1020 miles
93.7 KISR Ft. Smith, AR, “Kisser 93-7” – CHR, 967 miles
93.7 KYEZ Salina, KS, “Y93.7” – country, 1082 miles
93.7 KKRL Carroll, IA, “93.7 KKRL” – hot AC, 954 miles
93.7 KTUF Kirksville, MO, “93-7 KTUF” – country, 820 miles

93.7 KXXR Minneapolis, MN, “93X” – rock, 925 miles
93.7 unID French language
100.7 WHYI Ft. Lauderdale, FL, “Y100” – CHR, 894 miles
100.7 WDMS Greenville, MS, “WDMS” – country, 849 miles

100.7 KEAZ Kensett, AR, “Z100.7” – hot AC, 843 miles
100.7 KLSZ Ft. Smith, AR, “100.7 Nash Icon” – country, 971 miles
100.7 KPNC Ponca City, OK, “101 Country KPNC” – country, 1088 miles
100.7 KHOK Hoisington, KS, “Eagle 101” – country, 1158 miles
100.7 KMZU Carrollton, MO, “100.7 KMZU” – country, 866 miles
100.7 KKRQ Iowa City, IA, “100.7 The Fox” – classic hits, 781 miles
100.7 KGBI Omaha, NE, “100-7 The Fish” – ccm, 1007 miles
100.7 KJYL Eagle Grove, IA, religious, 917 miles
100.7 KIKV Sauk Centre, MN, country, 1032 miles

100.7 WOBE Crystal Falls, MI, “100.7 Radio Now” – CHR, 739 miles
100.7 unID French language