Car radio DX 7/5/16: 1 new FM Log

post-fmtrWhile driving in Springfield, VA on June 5, I received a new signal, 91.3 WARN.  The signal signed on today, as it was absent from my morning dial scan in the same area.  WARN signing on 91.3 completes a two-station signal swap in the north-central Virginia region, starting earlier this year with nearby 91.3 WTRM Winchester, VA moving to 91.1 FM.  WARN, which was previously on 91.5 FM, moved to the now-vacant 91.3 frequency.

The signal is local grade in my car, but it is thankfully weak enough at my home to the point where it seems that strong tropo and sporadic E will easily overcome the signal.  Either way, WARN’s sign on means one more otherwise good FM frequency now unusable for anything but strong DX.  My FM DX Log, Local FM Stations, and HD Radio & RDS Screenshots pages have been updated with this new logging.

New FM log:

91.3 WARN Culpeper, VA, “American Family Radio” – religious talk, 35 miles from car radio location in Springfield, VA