New website name: FM Radio DX

post-logo2When I first debuted this blog in 2006, I decided on a generic website name to reflect what the site was about: DXing the FM, TV and AM bands, hence my choice of David’s DX Website.  But over the years, my interests as a DXer have changed.  The 2009 DTV transition took the fun out of TV DXing due to a lack of suitable signals to DX, and I stopped actively DXing AM radio in 2013 out of boredom.  Since then, I’ve focused solely on what I’ve done the best and liked the most for over 15 years: DXing the FM band.  I mulled around the notion of rebranding the blog accordingly for a while, but I couldn’t think of a suitable name, until recently when I simply looked at my blog’s URL for inspiration:  From now on, this blog will be called FM Radio DX.  Everything on the site will remain the same–I’ll continue to post FM DX-related logs, articles, commentary, and multimedia content, but now under a new name.  Although I will no longer update the AM and TV-related pages on this site, they will still remain accessible for review.