FM E-skip opening 6/14/16 into TX

post-fmesWhile many DXers enjoyed top-of-the-band Sporadic E reception for several hours on June 14, I received only one station for about two minutes, relog 92.9 KNIN.

This opening marks at least the third time where my logging of KNIN is unlike 90% of other FM Es openings.  Often, whenever I log KNIN, I either only get that station, or KNIN plus one other FM Es signal.  During their reception, there’s no other trace of FM Es except for KNIN and its friend.  And, KNIN often has a local-grade signal that has minimal to no signal fading, sounding like a tropo-enhanced signal.  Note other posts to this website with the same phenomenon on 5/16/13 and 12/25/15.

As a DXer, the recurrence of Texas-based KNIN being propagated to Virginia with no other trace of Sporadic E signals is baffling.  I could see if the station was in rural Montana where there may not be any other signals to hear if the FM band was open to that area, but KNIN is close enough to Dallas and many other cities in Oklahoma which should be belting in along with KNIN.  Note the opening of 5/11/13, where KNIN was received with a plethora of other signals, just like a normal Es-propagated signal.  This is proof that KNIN can be received within a normal Es opening.

Relogs received:
92.9 KNIN Wichita Falls, TX, “92-9 NIN” – CHR, 1226 miles