Richmond, VA travel DX Log updated with E-Skip logging; more

post-travelThe first Sporadic E opening observed by me in Virginia was on 6/11/16.  While in Ashland, VA, as I was en route to Richmond, VA for an overnight stay, I picked up 99.5 KPLX from the Dallas, TX area at 1155 miles.  KPLX’s logging was a surprise–I happened to be scanning by 99.5 FM and heard my local WIHT (88 miles away from where I was).  KPLX then faded in for about 10 seconds, just long enough for me to take an RDS screenshot.

While in Richmond, I got superb DX up to 140 miles away into DC, DE, MD and NC.  Surprisingly, most of my local Washington, DC FM stations came in at up to 90 miles away, many with full HD Radio decodes.  An all-encompassing blend of coastal Mid-Atlantic signals from Baltimore, MD, Norfolk, VA and Salisbury, MD blasted in throughout the night.  Although these are the same signals that usually come in at home during any tropo event, it was interesting DXing them with a different set of local signals at another location, especially since Richmond FMs often gets overshadowed at my home in lieu of other regional signals.  A total of 52 new stations have been added to this travel log, which I’ve kept up since 2012.  Click on the link below to view the new logs.