Record-breaking tropo opening 6/7/16. 2 new FM logs

post-fmtrJune 7 marked the first day this year that there was any remarkable tropospheric enhancement in Northern Virginia.  In the mid-morning hours, signals from an uncommon signal path–Roanoke and Central Virginia up to 160 miles away, boomed in with stereo strength, including Roanoke’s 88.3 WRVL.  Signals from Raleigh, NC, at over 210 miles away, were also heard.  Interestingly, the usual Norfolk, VA and Salisbury, MD signals that fill up the dial during 90% of tropo events were largely missing.  My logging of Richmond-area 106.1 W291CL is my new record for the furthest FM translator received at 82 miles, unseating previous log 93.5 W228BA @ 43 miles, received in 2005.  My FM DX Log has been updated with the new logs below.

In an unrelated deadband evening reception later in the same day, I also logged a new Washington, DC-area translator, W284CQ, which relays Washington, DC’s 99.5 WIHT.  W284CQ comes in very weakly at my home and seems to be a new signal that just signed on, as I didn’t notice it the other day when I did a dial scan.

New logs:
104.7 W284CQ Washington, DC, “Hot 99-5” – CHR, 21 miles from car radio location in Lorton, VA
106.1 W291CL Richmond, VA, “Hot 106.1” – CHR, 82 miles from car radio location in Springfield, VA