It’s June. Where’s the skip?

post-logoWith an utter lack of favorable DXing conditions at my Northern Virginia home in months (both Sporadic E and tropo), I am continued to being forced to go elsewhere to experience what makes this hobby fun, hence the deluge of travel DX log posts this year.  The focus of this site has not changed–if DX were to happen at my home, you would see it here.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.  Although there have been reports of minor Sporadic E reception on the U.S. east coast in the past few weeks, I have not experienced anything skip-related since the rare Christmas Es receptions when I was out of town but still in Virginia.  The last E-skip opening observed at my home was on 6/29/15–almost a year ago–and ironically this opening was huge, with 10 new logs.  On average, by June 4, I get a handful of Sporadic E openings, often with a few new logs.  But nothing so far this year.  This is frustrating because the Es season often ends by July 31, if not much sooner.  This means the 2016 season, theoretically, may be nonexistent (I’m writing this to hope to be proven wrong very soon).

Will we see Sporadic E in the 2016 season?  I think we’ll get at least one opening.  Perhaps one as good as the 6/29/15 opening which would’ve been garden-variety in terms of importance when compared to openings from a decade ago.  But until then, expect to see other DX-related content being posted here.