New RDS screenshot added from 87.7 WDCN Fairfax, VA

post-fmtrWhile changing stations in my car on Feb. 10, I realized that local 87.7 WDCN-LP is running RDS.  This surprised me, since I didn’t now stations like WDCN–a former analog TV station on channel 6 that has since converted to a stereo FM signal on 87.7 FM–could run RDS.  I found a similar phenomenon while in Los Angeles in 2014 where a similar 87.7 FM station was airing an IBOC signal.  Although WDCN’s signal is strong at my house, the station can only be picked up with a listenable signal on my car radio, not my indoor radios (the actual audio signal is likely on 87.75 MHz).  My HD Radio/RDS Screenshots page has been updated with the new screenshot below.

87.7 WDCN-LP Fairfax, VA, “La Nueva 88.7” – spanish, 10 miles