post-fmesWinter 2015/2016 continues to be intriguing in terms of off-season Sporadic E-Skip. There were reports of top-of-the-band FM Es into Jamaica in my region.  Lee, a DXer 70 miles south of me in Richmond, VA, positively logged 88.5 Mello FM from Montego Bay, Jamaica and likely other nearby countries on Jan. 13.

Click above to hear Lee’s slam-dunk positive ID from Mello FM, which corresponds to the station’s programming listings online (thanks to Lee for the clip).  He also received other Spanish and Caribbean signals, many with strong signals, during the 7-8 p.m. hours.

Locally, my FM band was more or less devoid of skip, except for a fade-up of a NPR-like station on 89.1 which had horrible audio processing, and a religious station that faded in and out briefly on 91.3.  Both signals disappeared at about the same time that Lee’s signals went away.

I believe that I matched my 91.3 FM station to the webstream of NCU 91.3 from Kingston, Jamaica.  Although the music seemed to be a match, the Es-reflected signal was weak and not in-sync with NCU’s stream to the point where I was unable to confirm reception.  Either way, it was intriguing to pick up such exotic DX when the temperatures outside are below freezing!

Listen to Lee’s other unidentified station audio clips, plus a full list of what was received, after the jump.

88.5 MelloFM  Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1324 miles
88.5 unID strong signal, American pop music, compressed audio quality
90.3 unID strong signal, classical music
92.7 unID strong signal, tropical music

94.1 unID strong signal, Spanish, voiceover, tropical music, possible mention of “Cuba”
105.3 unID strong signal, Spanish/tropical music, Spanish news, possibly Radio Cadena Agramonte.
107.9 unID moderate signal, under WBQK, preacher with Jamaican/Caribbean accent

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