Local FM stations page updated with new formats, station logos, more

post-logoThe local radio landscape changes every year.  Stations often adopt new logos, call letters, stations of licenses and formats.  Existing signals increase their power and brand-new signals also debut.  This causes an ever-evolving radio dial for the DXer.  I have a page that lists all of my local FM stations, and every year I update this list to ensure all information is accurate.  Please note the following changes to the page:

  • New station logos from 89.3 WPFW, 92.7 WWXT, 94.3 WWXX, 99.1 WNEW and 107.3 WRQX
  • New formats from 98.3 WSMD, 99.1 WNEW and 107.3 WRQX
  • New city of license from 107.9 WLZL
  • New stations added to list: 97.5 W245BN, 98.1 WTVR, 105.5 W288BS