Christmas 2015 FM E-Skip Opening, Part 2

post-fmesThe rare winter Sporadic E opening on Dec. 25 resurfaced in the late evening.  Earlier in the same day, I experienced FM Es with a MUF of 92.7 FM in Woodstock, VA, 68 miles west of my home, before the skip died out.  While at home at 11:15 PM the same evening, the e-skip returned, bringing in common summer skip signals 92.9 KNIN and 96.7 KTCK from north Texas. The opening had no other FM signals coming in at all, even though KNIN was local grade with scrolling RDS for much of the 11 PM hour.

The Es opening ended at 11:44 PM, or 29 minutes later with a MUF of 96.7 FM. My HD/RDS Screenshots page has been updated with the new RDS screenshot listed below.


92.9 KNIN Wichita Falls, TX, “92-9 NIN” – CHR, 1226 miles
96.7 KTCK Flower Mound, TX, local ads for Dallas, TX area, 1183 miles