Christmas Sporadic E-Skip Opening, 1 New Travel Log

post-fmesDXers along the east coast of the United States got an unexpected present in the early evening hours of Dec. 25–a rare sporadic E-Skip opening in the FM band.  Online reports from various DXers placed a MUF up to 107.9 FM in parts.  Personally, I was visiting relatives in Woodstock, VA, about 68 miles SW of my home in Woodbridge, VA.  While there, I heard several fade-ups below 92.7 FM, with one ID on 88.5 FM, WCUG Lumpkin, GA, 598 miles away from where I was at the time. I also logged a new LPFM from Woodstock during my visit on 94.9 FM.

I have updated my Travel DX Log for Woodstock, VA with the screenshots and information below.  Additionally, I logged two new RDS screenshots from relogs heard in the Woodstock area.

Winter Sporadic E is very rare in the United States, at least in my area.  In over 15 years of DXing, I’ve only experienced it one other time, on 1/6/07, with a MUF of 106.1.

@ = new

woodstock-1225-wcug (blank RDS)
@ 88.5 WCUG Lumpkin, GA, “WCUG” – ccm, mentions of ‘Cougar Radio’, 598 miles

90.3 WXDM Culpeper, VA, religious, 37 miles
92.7 unID ccm with undecoded RDS
@ 94.9 WUDS-LP Woodstock, VA, hot AC

96.9 WSIG Mount Jackson, VA, “96.9 WSIG” – classic country, 28 miles