New FM DX Log: WERA-LP 96.7 Arlington, VA

post-fmtrWhile doing a routine dial scan upon seeing emails from the WTFDA email list regarding signal enhancement in the region, I came across a new log and a new station: 96.7 WERA-LP, Arlington, VA.  The signal is 21 watts at 17 miles away.  I’ve been trying to get this station for a while, as I read recently on that it would be starting soon.  Without even knowing, I received the station 38 minutes after its 6 p.m. debut.

96.7 WERA Arlington, VA, “WERA” – community, 12/6/15, 6:38 p.m., 17 miles.

weraAs noted in the above audio clip, WERA’s signal at my house is extremely weak, given the distance and wattage of the station.  Thankfully, it is of least concern with regard to DX interference.  My DX Log and Audio pages have been updated with the new content as noted in this post.