Impressive Tr opening 9/6/15. 1 new log.

post-fmtrA great tropo opening in the early morning hours of Sept. 6 brought in one new log, HD Radio decodes for the first time from four relogs, and several New York, NY FM signals (93.1, 97.9, 101.9, 104.3 and 107.5) at over 220 miles away.  The surprise of the night was a first-time HD Radio decode from relog 101.5 WRAL from Raleigh, NC over local WBQB that was received regardless of where my antenna was aimed, and at a point in the opening where few other Raleigh-area signals were in.  The opening started at 3 a.m. with Philadelphia FM relogs booming in, replaced sparingly with NYC and Raleigh signals at 4 a.m., and then it all died down around 5 a.m. with my usual Norfolk, VA tropo pests starting to come in.  My DX Log, HD/RDS Screenshots and Audio pages have been updated with the new content listed below.

@ = new

101.5 WRAL Raleigh, NC, 218 miles over local WBQB

103.7 WXCY Havre De Grace, MD, 87 miles

106.1 WTKK Knightdale, NC, 218 miles

106.5 WBTJ Richmond, VA, 84 miles

@ 107.1 WWZY Long Branch, NJ, “Fun 107-1” – CHR, 202 miles