2015 E-Skip Review to Date: Where’s the Skip?

thumbsdownThe 2015 Sporadic E season, to date, is a major bust.  We are 1/4 through the 2015 FM E-Skip season, and I can say that it has been the worst that I’ve experienced in 16 years of FM DXing, 11 of them actively monitoring for Sporadic E reception.

Since mid-May, I had 68 minutes of FM Es observed in 3 separate openings with 1 new log.  Of course, the only substantive opening was received while I was at work and unable to actively DX, based on unattended recordings.

In comparison, by this date last year, I had 345 minutes of FM Es observed in 7 separate openings with 5 total new logs.

Unless I receive several colossal openings in the next month before the traditional early-August ending of the 2015 FM Es season, it will go down in the history books as the worst observed locally.