New Tropo DX Log: 97.7 WJEV-LP Dale City, VA

post-fmtrA new LPFM broadcasting a spanish format signed on: 97.7 WJEV-LP, Dale City, VA — my first new log of 2015 at 5 miles away.  I’ve actually been trying to log this station for a few months now.  Until tonight, I’ve only received semi-local 97.7 WMDM Lexington Park, MD @ 46 miles under regular reception conditions when on 97.7 FM.

97.7 WJEV-LP Dale City, VA, 4/28/15 11:32 p.m. via tropo

Although online records show this station has been on-air since December 2014, I honestly believe it has only recently signed on, due to my lack of receiving it.

Thankfully, WJEV-LP is of little nuisance in terms of DXing.  97.7 FM is usually dominated by a weak signal from WMDM and it still is, depending on how I orient my antenna.  Distant Tropo and E-Skip will still easily come in on 97.7 FM.

My DX Logs and Audio Files pages have been updated with WJEV-LP’s logging.