WGTS 91.9 Takoma Park, MD adds HD Radio signal

WGTS 91.9's new HD Radio readout

WGTS 91.9’s new HD Radio display

I noticed today that local signal WGTS 91.9 Takoma Park, MD, which airs a christian contemporary format as “91.9 WGTS,” has debuted an IBOC signal.  My HD and RDS Screenshots page has been updated to reflect the new screenshot, which can be seen to the right.

This marks the second time in a year that a local Washington, DC-area station has started broadcasting in IBOC.  DX-wise, this development is not good.  I have now lost one good DXing frequency (92.1), as WGTS’ digital HD sideband now resides on 92.1 FM.  WGTS’ other digital sideband, 91.7 FM, is not a real nuisance to me as WGTS’ analog 91.9 signal usually desensitizes the frequency to the point where I don’t get DX on it anyway.  92.1, on the other had, was a prime DX channel in my area.  I predict that strong Sporadic E and tropo signals will still be received on 92.1, however, weak DX will likely be impossible for now on.